• Dimensional Healing through Sound, Ceremony and Light

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    Liberation and Restoration of your Soul

     Limited Time Special Offer 

    Revitalize Mini Session - $25

    In this refreshing session, I will clear your energetic bodies of attachments and intrusions, and return your own signature energy

    Limited availability

    Zoom session only

    Discovery Call 

    Let's get to know each other and explore the limitless possibilities for healing and growth with this no charge 30 minute consultation.

    *** For New Clients Only***




    Healing Sessions

    Intuitive energy healing through core shamanic principles, supported by the powerful frequencies of Holy Fire Reiki, Vibrational Sound Healing and Crystal Light Therapy. Lower frequency energies are removed and vital life force is returned to your energetic body supporting good mental health and physical well being.
    Single Session
    60 * 90 * 120 minute in person or Zoom sessions available

    Soul Retrieval 

    Three sessions designed for deep extraction of low frequency energies and intrusions, and the return of lost Soul essence restoring wholeness and bringing you back to your true self. Soul Retrieval delivers the biggest and most impactful change to your life.

    *** New clients please schedule a Discovery Call or 60 minute Healing Session prior to Soul Retrieval appointment. ***

    Divination/Mentorship Session

    Offering high vibrational support through your Spiritual and Healing journey. Learn energetic hygiene and boundaries, connect with your Spirit Guides and Protectors, and work with your highest self to manifest your most potent outcomes. In person or Zoom sessions available

    Crystal Light Therapy

    Enjoy deep relaxation while highly refined quartz crystals energetically clear and heal your chakra body, elevating your frequency, optimizing your natural healing mechanisms.

    Available only In Studio


    Multiple Session Discounts Available

  • About Christine

    Energy Medicine Practitioner and End of Life Doula

    Energy Medicine
    Christine believes that dis-ease is a symptom of misplaced energy, and in her own life experience has healed her own chronic pain and health conditions with Sound Healing, Reiki, and Shamanic Ceremony. She is now committed to bring this level of healing to all of those open to receive this missing piece to their healing journey puzzle. Christine works with individuals seeking physical, mental, emotional and Spiritual healing, often supporting the work of their medical doctor or mental health provider.
    End of Life Services
    The transition of the Soul from the earthly plane to the next evolutionarily experience is a sacred journey. Christine can prepare you or your loved one with Soul Retrieval Ceremony, creating a Death plan, investigating the next steps beyond this realm, ceremony creation and weekly or daily support at the bedside. 
    About Christine 
    Christine was born and raised in the majestic Pacific Northwest and continues to reside there with her grand daughter Audrey, her 2 chihuahuas, Ringo and Lola and her sweet cat Gigi. She enjoys spending time with her family, meditation, art, and recreation on all the beautiful waterways in her region. 
  • Join me for a free 30 minute discovery call! 

    Explore how energy medicine can support you in your journey to feel more like YOU. Create new habits, relieve stress and anxiety, and support the treatment of chronic conditions and illnesses. Let’s see if what I offer resonates with you.

  • Testimonials

    T. Ford Portland, Oregon

    "Christine has a beautiful way of being able to listen, summarize and pull out the gems for healing, finding the essence of the issue that needs to be transformed. She is dedicated, dependable, warm and caring. Thank you for sharing your skills, gifts and talents."

    J. McQuown Anchorage, Alaska

    "The entirety of the session felt very safe and encouraging. The fluidity between the transitions in the Soul Retrieval Ceremony were beautiful. It was an energizing, wholesome and enlightening experience. She explained the process in detail and helped me ease into a place of relaxation-which for me is huge!"

    T. Bolch Eugene Oregon

    "When I first met Christine it was if I had known her my whole life. I am honored to call her my mentor. She reminds me that as I heal, so heals the world."

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    I offer in Person, Phone, and Zoom sessions. I look forward to hearing from you!

    Vancouver WA, USA
    By Appointment Only
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