• Dimensional Healing through Sound, Ceremony and Light

  • Offerings

    Liberation and Restoration of your Soul

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    Revitalize Mini Session

    In this refreshing 1 hour session, your energetic bodies are cleared of attachments and intrusions, and your own signature vitality is returned and integrated.


    $75 Special

    Zoom session only

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    Free Video Consult

    The place to start if you have questions, or are unsure if energy medicine is for you, or maybe you're ready to start but aren't sure what to do next. Schedule a free video consult and let's see what's right for you.

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    Soul Maintenance

    One on One Healing Sessions

    Intuitive energy healing through core shamanic principles, supported by the powerful frequencies of Holy Fire Reiki, and Vibrational Sound Healing. Non-signature energies are removed and vital life force is returned to your energetic body supporting good mental health and physical well being.
    1, 2 and 3 hour in person or Zoom sessions available
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    Soul Retrieval

    Soul Retrieval is a fundamental concept in Shamanism that dates back thousands of years. The core principle of Soul Retrieval is based on the belief that traumatic experiences can cause a persons Soul to fragment. SIgns of Soul loss include depression, addiction, chronic physical, mental and emotional illness, chronic fatigue, anxiety, bad luck or repeated destructive behavior patterns. Three sessions of one on one healing designed for deep extraction, and the reintergration of lost Soul fragments carrying unique qualities lost in trauma, restoring wholeness and personal power.


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    Usui Holy Fire Reiki Session

    ******Feel Good Fridays*******

    Reiki Sessions 50% Off on Fridays Now through the end of Summer

     Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing technique for stress reduction and relaxation supporting natural healing and well being.......

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    Women's Healing Circle 

     Thursdays 6:30 - 8:30 IN STUDIO

    Pay what you can Community Circle


    This Spiritual Healing Circle is a sacred space where women can connect, recieve healing energy and support each others journeys.


    Each divinely cast circle will bring new and different experiences with shamanic journeying and ceremony, sound therapy with crystal bowls and chimes, guided meditations, energy healing, community and learning


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    Soul Retrieval with the Divine Feminine

    This sacred ceremony is designed to help you reclaim lost fragments of your soul and restore your wholeness. In the embrace of the Divine Feminine's energy, this transformative experience offers profound healing and Spiritual renewal.


    Our ceremony is infused with the compassionate, nurturing, and wise energies of the Divine Feminine. This sacred presence helps create a safe and supportive environment. By connecting with the Divine Feminine, you ae invited to embrace your inner strength, intuition and innate wisdom.


    This ceremoy is open to anyone seeking deep spiritual healing, those feeling incomplete or disconnected or those who desire a stronger connection to their inner wisdom.

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    Cord Cutting Ceremonies

    A cord cutting ceremony is a deeply personal and sacred ritual that allows individuals to free themselves from past and present attachments, fostering a sense of empowerment, renewel, and Spiritual clarity.


    Offered in a small group setting in my healing studio or online so you can remain in your own personal and private space. Archangel Michael along with my other Spirit allies will hold space for you as you cut your energetic cords to people, places and experiences that no longer serve you, then retrieve your lifeforce from them, move the cords out of the earthly plane and return your vitality back to you, reintergrating your signature energy with the beautiful tones of crystal singing bowls and Zypher chimes.

    Session Cost: $45

  • About Christine

    Energy Medicine Practitioner and Soul Midwife

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    "Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world.
    Today I am wise, so I am changing myself"
    Energy Medicine


    I spent a lot of my life suffering, emotionally, mentally, and eventually physically. I was caught in a loop of multiple diagnosises, medications, supplements and alcohol abuse, trying everything I could find to give me relief from what I believed was out of my control. On an amazing journey of synchronicities and awakenings I found myself in a weekend workshop about Shamanism and Energy Medicine that led to five years of intense study and healing and eventually teaching in a unique community of powerful healers and teachers. My extraordinary experiences brought a new understanding, and a new way of being in my body and mind. Today I am now committed to bring this level of healing through shamanic journeying, sound healing and light therapy . I work with individuals seeking physical, mental, emotional and Spiritual healing, often supporting the work oir medical doctor or mental health provider. Energy medicine can also support breaking or changing recurrent patterns such as addiction, self sabotage, circular thinking, depression and anxiety. I also offer Soul Retreival Ceremony for transitioning Souls both entering and leaving the Earth Plane.


    Transitioning Souls

    The transition of a Soul to and from the earthly plane is a sacred journey. I offer preparation and ceremony for these precious moments of life , creating a birth or death plan, Soul Retrieval, and energetic support and divine guidance for all involved.


    About Me

    Christine was born and raised in the majestic Pacific Northwest and continues to reside there with her grand daughter Audrey, her 2 chihuahuas, Ringo and Lola and her sweet cat Gigi. She enjoys spending time with her family, meditation, art, and recreation on all the beautiful waterways in her region.
  • Join me for a free 30 minute discovery call! 

    Explore how Energy Medicine can support you in your journey to feel more like YOU. Create new habits, relieve stress and anxiety, and support the treatment of chronic conditions and illnesses with Reiki, Shamanic Ceremony, and Vibrational Sound Healing .


    Ask about the benefits for Mother and Child to have energetic support during the birthing process, and Soul Retrieval Ceremony to heal birth trauma. Have a candid discussion around the Death and Dying process, and how I can assist you or a loved one on the transitional journey to the next evolutionary experience.

  • Testimonials

    T. Ford Portland, Oregon

    "Christine has a beautiful way of being able to listen, summarize and pull out the gems for healing, finding the essence of the issue that needs to be transformed. She is dedicated, dependable, warm and caring. Thank you for sharing your skills, gifts and talents."

    J. McQuown Anchorage, Alaska

    "The entirety of the session felt very safe and encouraging. The fluidity between the transitions in the Soul Retrieval Ceremony were beautiful. It was an energizing, wholesome and enlightening experience. She explained the process in detail and helped me ease into a place of relaxation-which for me is huge!"

    T. Bolch Eugene Oregon

    "When I first met Christine it was if I had known her my whole life. I am honored to call her my mentor. She reminds me that as I heal, so heals the world."

    Lynne B. Vancouver, Washington

    "Everyone I know has experienced transformation working with Christine, including myself"

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