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Thoughts are things

They have coherence and life.

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Thoughts are things. They have coherence and life.They float as living entities in our Universe, influencing us as individuals and as a collective conscienceness. Imagine groups of people thinking the same thought, believing the same thing, ( a belief is just a thought we think over and over again) creating thoughtform energies that are continuously seeking a vibrational match, attaching to anyone it can to influence their thoughts and actions. The more people thinking the same thoughts, the more these entities grow in power and in strength, in some cases keeping humanity powerless to make the changes we desire in our lives, as a community and as individuals. Your thoughts are ideas on steroids, yet we are never taught to question their influence on us and the world around us.

Thoughtform unraveling is a powerful energy medicine technique that can move your individual energy from the influences and beliefs that are not serving you to a thought that creates a pathway to a more desirable belief, creating a force of positive change and weakening the collective thoughtform your energy was a part of. Thoughtform unraveling can be done for individuals wanting to break the circular thinking keeping them in a destructive pattern, or in a group as way to usher out old ways of doing things and introducing new ideas or concepts. What if making a change was as easy as retrieving your own energy out of one contruct and placing it in another?

Some thoughtforms are large, and many in the collective have their energy invested, like in religious or cultural beliefs, so much energy is tied up in these that they influence the lives of those who do not believe or who do not have lifeforce invested. Some thoughtforms are small, personal beliefs that influence how we percieve ourselves and our place in the world. All thoughtforms need energy to survive, and we feed thoughtforms with our words and intentions, our thoughts and actions. Retrieving your life force from a collective or personal thoughtform and putting it in a prefered thoughtform or belief can add robust energy to a life goal, change a bad habit and establish a new one, it can even assist in healing a past trauma and move you forward in your healing process.