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I am a Healer, it took a long time to make that declaration and hold that truth with every part of my being. There have been years of studying, healing and personal growth. A lifetime of experiences with relationships, addictions, mental health labels, physical illness, pharmaceuticals and therapy. But the biggest realization is the knowing we are all healers in one way or another, we are all at one point going to share a healing moment with another being in this world. We are all healers. Through all of that, my intention is to show up in this world as a compassionate healer, to share my healing experience and to assist you with yours, to bring healing to individuals and the collective through my work, and to interact with all beings I come into contact with in a kind, compassionate way.

I am a Human, I am having, or have had a lot of the human experiences that a lot of people have here in the Earthly plane. I am a Daughter, a Mother, a Grandmother, a Sister, a Friend and a Community Member. I have carried the weight of many labels, and identities that were given to me by outside authorities, ones I was told knew better than me. I allowed those labels and identities to decide who I was and how I lived my life creating a constant lack within me, a suffering I could never quite crawl out of. Seeking wellness and a desire for wholeness that I never found in conventional treatment, I became open to other ways of seeing things and that's when everything changed.

I am a Teacher, 21st Century Energy Medicine changed my life. In less than five years of the introduction of Energy Medicine I was and am living a completely different and magical life. So different than anything I had ever imagined, embracing freedom from the labels and identities, no longer relying on chemicals to cope with everyday living. Having an energy practice and taking care of and maintaining my energetic bodies, my Spirit, my Soul , changed how I was experiencing my mental and physical health. My intention is to bring this level of healing to anyone seeking it, to share my healing and experiences with others so that they may heal too. It sounds cliche', but that's really how it works.

I do what I do because it has brought me to and continues to assist me in having a joyful and fulfilling life. I believe I am walking my divine purpose, ever evolving, learning and understanding the limitlessness of our possibilities and I want to share it everybody. So maybe I will see you in a class, or a healing session or maybe I won't, but I hope you're intrigued just a little bit and can open your mind to seek your own limitless possibilities.

Blessings on you of comfort in your journey.

Christine Marie